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Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS Controller | Best Purifier @4599
Contact No. 9915531505 (7 Day Available)
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Aquafresh RO Water Purifier

Aquafresh RO Water Purifier | 5 Stage


Aquafresh Mineral Water Purifier | 11 Stage

Aquafresh Mineral Water Purifier | 11 Stage

Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS | 7 Stage


This Water filter purifies the water from 7 stages means water gets purified from the 7-Stage technology which includes RO+UF+UV+TDS Controller with 12 liters storage. The product is fully Automatic.


And with Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS filter you get 5 items free.

The Freebies include(Pre-Filter Bowl, Outer Bowl Key, 1 Piece Spun Candle, Water Assembly, 10ft pipe)

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Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS:

Aquafresh 7 Stage Water purifier, purifies the water from 7 stages in other words water gets purified from the 7-Stage technology which includes RO+UV+UF+TDS.

Let’s Understand the functioning of this filter and breakdown the meaning of the 7 stages:

  1. Pre-Filer Bowl
  2. Pre-Carbon Filter
  3. Sediment Filter
  4. TDS Controller
  5. Membrane
  6. UV Chamber
  7. Ultra Filteration (UF)

Explanation of all steps:

  1. Pre-Filter Bowl: Firstly the water goes into Pre-Filter Bowl which helps in eliminating bigger particles, for example, sand residue, earth, and different silt from the water. The pre-Filter helps in securing the RO Layer that gets obstructed because of the introduction of chlorine and other chemicals. (Recommended to change SPUN Candle after 4 months)
  2. Pre-Carbon Filter: Pre-Carbon Filter contains Activated Block Carbon they have a high surface area through which they can eliminate foreign substances through adsorption, a cycle wherein broken up toxins hold fast to the outside of the carbon particles. (Must change after 12 Months)
  3. Sediment Filter: A sediment filter removes out the rest of sand, rust, and other Harmful particles 10 times smaller than a grain of sand. (Must change after 12 Months)
  4. TDS Controller: Main part of Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS  is this whose actual meaning is Total dissolved solids which refer to the total amount of minerals and chemicals dissolve in water. Therefore TDS Controller controls the number of minerals and chemicals you want in the water so, in other words, you can adjust TDS as you want (Recommended TDS 80-120)
  5. Membrane: After collecting water from the sediment filter Booster Pump push the water towards the membrane in the membrane water passes through 0.001-micron filtration where water gets separated into two parts: (i) Drinking water (ii) Reject water.  (Change at Technical Advice)
  6. UV Chamber: UV Chamber is an astounding and effective method for removing living bacteria from your water. By utilizing a UV light to transmit UV beams equipped for executing living bacteria in the water, the UV water framework successfully treats your water-related to your total water treatment frameworks. (Change at Technical Advice)
  7. Ultra Filteration: UF works the same as Membrane with 0.1-micron filtration now you must be thinking that why to use 0.1-micron filtration after membrane(0.001-micron); here is the explanation when we adjust the TDS then some of the bacteria/chemicals again comes into the water to remove those bacterias/chemicals we use UF else if TDS Controller is not included in the whole filter then there is no use of UF. (Recommended to change after 12 months)

What is Inside the box:

  1. Water filter*
  2. Outer bowl
  3. Outer Bowl Key
  4. 1 Piece Spun Candle
  5. Water Assembly
  6. 10ft pipe
Warranty Period: Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS 7 Stage Filter comes with a huge 1-year warranty**


**Condition Applied.

*(Product body can be different from the photo but the machinery is going to be the same as described.)


According to my experience, this Aquafresh RO UV UF TDS Controller (7 stages) can be considered as the Best Water Filter in budget for the people who want to genuinly drink good water(as there is TDS Adjuster).


Key Features:

Type:                          RO UV UF TDS
Stages:                        7 Stage
Shelf Life:                  5 years
Brand:                        Aquafresh
Capacity:                   12 Liter
Warranty:                 1-Year
Free Items:               5 Free Items


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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 42 × 25 × 54 cm





7 Stage


12 Liter




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