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Tozawa Filter 11 Stage + Alkaline - Sukhmani Powertronics
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Tozawa Filter 11 Stage + Alkaline


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This is a Alkaline based product which qualifies or adjust the water according to body needs, And destroy the Acidity.

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Tozawa Filter 11 Stage: It purifies the water from 11 different techniques which can include RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller.

Along with this Alkaline + pH Adjuster includes which suggests bye-bye to acidity.

Active copper also will be included during this model.

Storage: 12 liter Capacity of tank included and every one the Water Filters provided by Tozawa is fully automatic which suggests you do not even need to close up or on the filter

Tozawa Filter 11 stage comes with 1+3 year Warranty*

Installation free, Outer Bowl free, Water Assembly Free.

Two services free.


About Tozawa Alkaline Technology:

The water is included with fundamental soluble minerals, for example, calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium after converse assimilation sanitization frameworks that help advance the improvement of wellbeing and digestion. The little water groups from Tozawa Alkaline water channels help hydration up to multiple times which is a compelling arrangement when dried out than customary demineralized turn around assimilation water. Soluble minerals in the water encourage supplements and mineral retention proficiently. The normal spring mineral water like Tozawa Alkaline Mineral water helps the great equalization of the minerals in the body, kills free revolutionaries, otherwise called dynamic oxygen that is the reason for all disorders which lead to such diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and that’s just the beginning. Consequently, Tozawa Alkaline water channels increment the pH level in the water from the demineralized acidic water to more advantageous water, in addition, brings down the oxygen decrease potential (ORP).

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 90 × 12 × 18 cm

1 review for Tozawa Filter 11 Stage + Alkaline

  1. Arshpreet Singh

    Best water filter

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